Family Literacy – Adult Education

The adult education component is designed to extend basic education skills and teaches adults at all levels and abilities to:

  • Think critically and creatively
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Solve problems
  • Acquire successful interpersonal skills

With the help of the family literacy teacher, students set both academic and personal goals. The adult education teacher often balances both large and small group instruction. In addition to providing instruction, the adult education teacher is a friend and facilitator. Significant bonds are established between staff and student, as well as between students.  Students often say the family literacy program’s unique approach helped them to finally understand the classroom material.

The adult education component expects to significantly affect the future of the children whose family members attend the program. Parents make solid connections between skills learned in the classroom and their application in the home.

The adult education component not only helps to prepare parents for the experience of successful parenting, but helps parents realize their own dreams-a GED, a college or technical school education, mastery of English, a good job-and to assume a productive and important position in society.