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Math homework will be sent home at the end of most lessons, which typically only take a day to instruct.  However, some lessons stretch out over two or maybe even three days.  Your child’s Math teacher will determine if your child’s class will have homework each night or whether or not to hold off until the completion of each lesson.

At the completion of each unit, your child will take a Unit Test.  There will be no homework on Unit Test days.  I will do my best to update whether or not the kids in my Math class have homework each night by filling in the lesson number on the dates below.

Mr. Wachter’s Math Class


Unit 6 – Write Equations to Solve Word Problems


March 19th – No Homework

March 20th – Homework 6-1

March 21st – No Homework

March 22nd – Homework 6-2

March 23rd – No Homework


March 26th – Homework 6-3

March 27th – No Homework

March 28th – Homework 6-4

March 29th – Homework 6-5

March 30th – No Homework


April 2nd –

April 3rd –

April 4th –

April 5th –

April 6th –


April 9th –

April 10th –

April 11th –

April 12th –

April 13th –


April 16th –

April 17th –

April 18th –

April 19th –

April 20th –


April 23rd –

April 24th –

April 25th –

April 26th –

April 27th –


April 30th –

May 1st –

May 2nd –

May 3rd –

May 4th –


May 7th –

May 8th –

May 9th –

May 10th –

May 11th –


May 14th –

May 15th –

May 16th –

May 17th –

May 18th –