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November 18th, 2019 – Abraham Lincoln Week

Hello Families!

This week, the class will learn through a variety of historical texts about Abraham Lincoln.  They’ll learn a bit about slavery, and the lengths that Lincoln went to end the division of our country during his time as president.  The kids will practice visualization again this week, as well as cause and effect, and idioms.  This is unit 3, week 2 of our curriculum, and you can expect a spelling list to come home Monday evening.

In math class, we’ll continue to practice rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.  We’ll also begin practicing multi-digit addition.  I’m anticipating homework in my math class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  This, of course, is subject to change if the class struggles with a lesson.

In writing, the kids are in the middle of their research projects.  My class is currently writing a rough draft, which should take most of the week.

We had a great lesson last week in Second Step regarding recognizing bullying.  This week, we’ll complete lesson two, which focuses on reporting bullying.

Lastly, the kids will also be bringing home a book order form on Monday.  This isn’t due until Tuesday, November 26th, so you have plenty of time to look through the forms.  You can also order online using this code:  https://orders.scholastic.com/DGFDC  Any books you order earn me points, which I in turn use to buy free books for the class!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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