Meet the Staff of EFP

Rita Bennett – Business –

Rita Bennett has been at EFP since the 2011-2012 school year. She offers EFP many years experience at Lincoln Southeast High School. Ms. Bennett has a love of business and wants to help prepare students for their futures.

Jack Brestel – Social Studies –

Jack Brestel has been with EFP since its inception in 2005-2006 and shares his love of economics and business throughout all of his social studies courses. Mr. Brestel is an accomplished skier and loves the mountains.

Michelle Fonck - Language Arts –

Michelle Fonck has been with EFP from the early days as well. She loves sharing her love of reading and language in all of her English classes. Mrs. Fonck participates actively in entrepreneurship as the owner of a small business in Lincoln.

Dan Hohensee – Math/Technology –

Dan Hohensee is also an original member of the EFP team and helped to craft the mission statement for the program. He offers a variety of math courses at EFP which help prepare students for their futures. Mr. Hohensee is also an accomplished technology user and has put many systems in place to help EFP grow.

Bobbi Roesler – Executive Secretary/Attendance –

Bobbi is the executive secretary, nurse, attendance secretary, registrar, counselor, and all around everything to EFP. She has been with the program since the fall of 2009 and we hope she stays forever! Bobbi is a great resource for both parents and students so feel free to call and chat with her during office hours.

Hess Dyas – Security Entrance Monitor –

Hess Dyas is more than a security entrance monitor for EFP, he is the smile that greets students and staff each morning. Mr. Dyas is an accomplished professional now retired from Gallup and he brings his strengths knowledge and skills and puts them to work every day at EFP. We are grateful to have such an experienced business man on our team.

Dr. Mindy Roberts  – Focus Program Principal,

Dr. Roberts is the new principal at EFP. She is a welcome addition to our team as she is familiar with issues that impact students who attend unique programs offered by LPS. She is also the principal at Bryan Community Focus Program.