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The NCAA Eligibility Center has launched a new website at to help high school student-athletes successfully transition to college. The enhanced online content gives student-athletes and counselors a broad look at the initial-eligibility process and detailed information about common eligibility situations.

The new content is part of the NCAA Eligibility Center’s continuing response to customer requests for key pieces of information student-athletes should know as they consider college. Student-athletes are guided through current and upcoming initial-eligibility requirements, recruiting guidelines, and timelines for staying on track in high school. Additional webpages address initial-eligibility situations unique to international, home-school and non-traditional students.

A wide range of frequently-asked questions addressing issues from academic and amateurism eligibility to high school and core-course review are easily searchable and will be expanded in the future.

Helpful links for student-athletes and their families:

Helpful Tools:
NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide Division I
NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide Division II
Use the  NCAA worksheet to calculate your eligibility. Be aware of requirements and colleges/universities changing Division status.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure
2014-15 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA College Bound Informational Meeting Power Point Presentation
Guest speaker: Jamie Vaughn, director of compliance at the University of Nebraska.
This power point presentation was presented on Monday, November 9, 2015 at Northeast High School.



The NAIA Eligibility Center
NAIA High School Student Registration Checklist