The Choices Program

Is a drug and alcohol focused prevention and psychoeducational therapy program facilitated by HopeSpoke at North Star, Southeast, Northeast, and East High Schools. This program focuses on substance use awareness, assisting youth in making healthy decisions while finding alternatives to using substances, and addresses mental health issues that may be factors contributing to or resulting from substance use (personal or family related). Students attend weekly individual and weekly group therapy sessions at school with a licensed mental health practitioner who is qualified to be providing these services. If a student is a remote learner, telehealth options are available for both individual and group sessions. 

Choices not only intervenes to address issues of substance use by the individual and/or family, but also serves as a preventative measure to assist youth in refraining from using substances. Choices is a free service for youth whose family income meets certain income guidelines, which the HopeSpoke therapist can work with the student’s parent(s) to assess.  Please contact your student’s school social worker for additional information or if you would like your child involved in the Choices program.

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