Need a Transcript? Follow These steps:

  1. Come to the Counseling Center and complete a yellow transcript card with Ms. Hare our registrar.
  2. Return card to Ms. Hare our school registrar.
  3. Ms. Hare will make sure your transcript gets to where you request it to go.

NOTE: If you are applying to a scholarship (Buffett, LPS Foundation) or a common application (Common App, SENDedu, Coalition) that requires a transcript to be loaded by the counselor, make sure to include your counselors email in the application and let your counselor know that you are applying through that method so counselor will be on the lookout for the email.

*7-semester transcripts (through S1 of senior year) will be ready January 19—once they are ready, counselors will be able to update common app, mid-year reports, etc.

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