2017 Summer School

Summer school will be held June 1-July 14 at North Star High School (no school July 3 & 4).  Period one starts at 8:00 am and concludes at 9:50 am.  Period two begins at 10:00 am and concludes at 11:50 am.  Attendance is monitored closely and students will be dropped from class when they have been absent 5 times (3 times for a quarter class) – regardless of the reason.

East students may register for summer school in the East High Counseling Center on the following dates:

Week of April 18:    Current LPS Seniors Only
Week of April 24:    Current LPS Seniors & Juniors Only
Week of May 1-10:  Current 9-12 LPS Students

  • NO registrations will be accepted after May 10 at East.
  • Payment for summer school must be made at the time of registration and parent/guardian signature is required. Be sure to keep your receipt.
  • Late/Open registration will be May 31 and June 1 at North Star High School.
  • Schedules will be mailed home May 22.

Tuition              Credit Hours

$65.00…………….2.5 credit hours
$130.00…………. 5.0 credit hours
$60.00…………… each additional 5.0 credit course

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