LPS Course Guide
The LPS course guide allows students to browse the courses available at Lincoln Public Schools middle and high schools.

2019-20 East High Planning Guide
The Planning Guide includes:  Courses and programs offered, graduation requirements and other information that will help you get the most out of your high school years.

College Credit Options

Grades and Grading

Grade reports are issued at the end of each nine-week period.  The nine-week grades are primarily for information and are not recorded as part of the permanent record. Grades for quarter classes are final grades. Grades indicate the student’s standing at the time of the report.  Final semester grades are recorded on the permanent record.

Letter Grade Non-Weighted Weighted Grade Code
A 4.0 5.0 Satisfactory S
B+ 3.5 4.5 Unsatisfactory U
B 3.0 4.0 Incomplete INC
C+ 2.5 3.5 Withdrew W
C 2.0 3.0
D+ 1.5 1.5
D 1.0 Passing 1.0
F 0.0 Failing 0.0

District-wide Grading Scale

Letter Grade Percentage
A 90-100
B+ 85-89
B 80-84
C+ 75-79
C 70-74
D+ 65-69
D 60-64
F 59 or below

Satisfactory – Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail Option)

The mark of S (satisfactory) and U (unsatisfactory) may be used instead of the usual four-point scale under the following conditions:

Secondary students may elect to have part of their work evaluated with a mark of S (satisfactory) or U(unsatisfactory) as follows:

  1. Requests for S/U marks which are approved in writing by the student’s counselor and parent and which are filed in the school office by the beginning of the 12th week of the semester shall be honored.  (The request forms shall indicate that some colleges and universities might not accept credits marked satisfactory).
  2. Requests for marks to be reversed from S/U to A-F shall be honored anytime during the current grading period.
  3. Courses taken for marks of S and U shall not be included when computing honor roll or class rank.
  4. Each individual shall be limited to elect an S/U mark for ten credit points of course work in any one semester and to thirty credit points of course work in grades nine through twelve.

Questions: Ask your counselor     Pass/Fail Form

2019-20 Pass-Fail Deadlines:

1st Quarter September 16, 2019
1st Semester  October 29, 2019
2nd Quarter  November 22, 2019
3rd Quarter February 11, 2020
2nd Semester March 31, 2020
4th Quarter April 20, 2020

Withdrawing from a Class

A student may withdraw from a semester or quarter class during weeks 1-3 without record. If a student withdraws during weeks 4-11 of a semester class (4-5 in a quarter class), a ‘W” will be placed on the student’s record. If a student withdraws during weeks 12-18 of a semester class (6-9 in a quarter class), an “F” will be placed on the student’s record unless approval is granted for either a “W” or an “INC” to be placed on the student’s record. Approval is granted by the principal or his designee.

2019-20 Withdrawing from a Class Deadlines:

1st Semester

1st Quarter classes between Sept. 3rd & Sept. 16th will result in a “W”. After Sept. 16th will result in an “F”.
1st Semester classes between Sept. 3rd & Oct. 29th will result in a “W”. After Oct. 29th will result in an “F”.
2nd Quarter classes between Nov.11th & Nov. 22nd will result in a “W”. After Nov. 22nd  will result in an “F”.

2nd Semester

3rd Quarter classes between Jan. 28th & Feb. 11th will result in a “W”. After Feb. 11th will result in an “F”.
2nd Semester classes between Jan. 28th & Mar. 31st will result in a “W”. After Mar. 31st will result in an “F”.
4th Quarter classes between Apr. 6th & Apr. 20th will result in a “W”. After Apr. 20th will result in an “F”.

 Incomplete Contract

When a student and teacher are in agreement that a course, which has not been completed during a regular term, can be successfully completed during an extended time frame, an Incomplete Contract can be developed.  This contract must include the work to be completed, the level of mastery that is acceptable, and a date by which the incomplete is to be finished.  Failure to fulfill any of the above portions of the contract will result in an “F” grade for the course.

Repeating a Class

If you retake a class either due to failure or to raise the grade you need to pick up a Request to Repeat a Class Form from our registrar’s office prior to taking the class in order to replace the old grade on your permanent record.  Reminder: The course that is retaken must be the same as the original course.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll is based on semester grades.  Students must be registered for a minimum of 25 graded credit hours with a 3.5 weighted grade-point-average excluding courses graded pass/fail, work-study and assistant assignments for which credit is earned, and correspondence courses.

Academic Letter Standard

To be eligible for an Academic Letter a student must have earned a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or above (weighted grades) for two consecutive semesters while being enrolled in a minimum of 25 credit hours of graded course work.  First-time recipients receive a chenille letter and recipients of a second academic letter receive an academic pin.

National Honor Society

Juniors and seniors who have a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher through at least 5 high school semesters and a minimum of 150 graded credits are eligible candidates for membership.  Qualifying candidates will be notified sometime after the beginning of second semester, through sound announcements and/or the student services bulletin to check the eligibility list posted on the Counseling Center window to pickup an NHS application.