Talking About Touching

The Talking About Touching curriculum has developmentally appropriate safety lessons for preschool children.  These letters help guide further conversation about new safety rules the children learn at school.  Talk to your child about ways your family can stay safe!

A snippet from our Norwood Park Curriculum Night:

Our class will soon begin using Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum. This program teaches children skills that will help them keep safe from dangerous or abusive situations. Children will also learn how to ask for help when they need it

The first unit will cover personal safety. This includes car safety, fire safety, gun safety, substance safety, and asking for permission for help or receiving gifts.

The second unit will cover touching safety. We practice the safety rules and what safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches are. There is a series of letters that will go home in your child’s backpack before any of these lessons are introduced.

Safety Rules Parent Letter

Getting Found Parent Letter

Always Ask First Parent Letter

Touching Safety Parent Letter

Safety Steps Parent Letter

Review the Safety Rules