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Practice times for Saturday 3/23:  Distance runners at 8:00 and  everyone else at 9:00.

LNE relays results 2019

Concordia Results

Track & Field Meet Athlete Expectations:

• You are representing Southeast High School – make sure you wear your school issues uniform and sweats.
• You are a member of a team – make sure to support your teammates as they compete.
• You are a member of a team – make sure to stay to the end of the meet to support the team, if you don’t want to stay to support the team, let the coaches know prior to leaving so we can enter someone else in your place.

Concordia Handout

Parents:  Please make sure to provide a note (written or email) to excuse Spring Break absences.

2019 parent info night flyer

Parent night form 2

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Track & Field Expectations 2019

2019 Track & Field Schedule