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Distance Learning at LPS

Feature Article

Humann Elementary Third Graders connect to Morrill Hall

Third grade students at Humann Elementary in Jason Rushing’s computer class had a special program on March 31st when they connected to a live interactive program with the University of Nebraska’s State Museum at Morrill Hall. The zoological adventure program was entitled “Aiden’s Eye,” and explored how  Nebraska based  animals use their senses to interact […]

Feature Article

North Star H.S. Students Connect to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

On March 19, students of Rob Salistean’s History of Rock and Roll class, along with guitar students, experienced a live videoconference program with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The live interactive program was “Great Moments in Rock and Roll,” and featured discussions on shifting cultural values, conceptions of equality, and […]

What Does Distance Learning Mean?

Distance Learning can mean a lot of things, and can benefit students and teachers in many ways. Here are just a few.

  • Extend the classroom—Through video conference equipment, it is our hope that we will offer a few courses to students in other districts across the state. It also means that if a course doesn’t have quite enough enrollment at one high school in our district, students from another high school can join the class remotely, along with the possibility of several students from other districts. Distance courses will keep the course selection at LPS varied and solid.
  • Enrichment activities—With video conferencing equipment, it will be easier than ever to bring experts into the classroom to enrich the learning experience for students.
  • PLCs and meetings—Once videoconferencing is widely available, driving to remote locations to meet will be greatly reduced since you’ll be able to meet “face-to-face” with your laptop, built-in camera and microphone. Or if a group wants to connect, you’ll use a videoconferencing cart with the endpoint (codec) large HDTV, camera and microphones.
  • Staff Development—Not only will we be able to offer training to remote locations, but this an all the above solutions can be recorded thanks to a new video center, which will allow recording for playback later or streaming in (almost) real time.