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Spelling pretests are given on the first day of a 5-day weekly reading cycle. Students are given the list of words to check their pretests.  This allows students to see which words they need to spend the most time studying.  Post test will be given on day 5.  You can practice studying on my Quia website.  The complete list of spelling words for the year follows.

Spelling Lists

Unit 1 -Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
 cleansed strive accuse unearth heartbeat
 grammar acutely affect starvation absent-minded
 cluttered remote beautiful ignorance self-respect
 density bathes bought ardent lamppost
 dreadful gale busy sparkle after-school
prankster rhyme caught bargain butterscotch
strictly keel different parched outcast
drilling tidy done pursue old-fashioned
swapping futile effect servant teaspoonful
production bleachers embarrass therefore undermine
shrunken tile especially earnest nearsighted
scuff foal except mourned airtight
clutching foe excuse yearning science fiction
threatening coaxes library pierce self-reliant
sweltering bleakly minute splurge flashbulb
texture continue nickel scarcity headquarters
quenched pavement probably universal windshield
bristle meekly their weird upstream
mystify attitude there licorice wasteland
plaid trait they’re original question mark
guest locomotive recommend aeronautics barbed wire
fundamental capsule separate sphere orthopedic surgeon
stuff grammar locomotive library licorice
batch dreadful continue minute splurge
sense shrunken bleachers caught bargain

No Spelling on week 6


Unit 2 -Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
halves ravaged prospect brutality simple
echoes stifling wretched security royalty
lassos unwrapped victorious panicked national
dice accelerated verdict rabies invaluable
scarves eavesdropping formally feverish survival
volcanoes orbiting pantry serum muscle
shelves enthralled ballots banish whistle
media intersected prosperity nylon squabble
wolves patrolling pumpkin resistance durable
dominoes referred muffler laden incurable
stereos regretting raggedy locus scramble
thieves prevailed sumptuous rivalry scruples
wives unraveling barren recite quadrupled
chefs uttered hobbled epidemic tabernacle
staffs reviving corrupt amidst squiggle
buffaloes surrounding ponder malamute throttle
sheriffs accused funnel rotation secureable
tornadoes reassuring gnashing vital beagle
sopranos hovered snapshot lament befuddle
loaves swiveling symptom mural bicycle
old-fashioned echoes accelerated victorious brutality
science fiction shelves prevailed corrupt decipher
question mark media surrounding snapshot epidemic
wharves abbreviated coincidence decipher literal
bacteria interpreted synthetic cowardice skedaddle

No Spelling on Week 6

Unit 3 -Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week  5
wealthiest customer address outfield inspire
healthy calendar against outpost inspiration
shoulder conductor always superstar connect
toughest scooter answer outlaw connection
exploitation messenger because proclaim evaporate
pedigree peculiar believe superhuman evaporation
volunteering panther brought uncommon irritate
impeachment rescuers children encourage irritation
spoilage inspector cousin enclosure exhaust
poisonous wanderer doesn’t entangle exhaustion
appointment daughter dollar outspoken represent
moistening ancestors enough unbeknownst representation
equality bachelor guess protractor consult
streamline behavior instead outlandish consultation
guaranteed stroller people independent separate
creatures singular receive incredible separation
treasures maneuver straight untangle illustrate
straightening observer until uncertain illustration
ceiling traitor usually insincere confirm
earthbound janitor woman indistinct confirmation
invaluable wealthiest conductor address incredible
survival exploitation customer cousin unequivocal
secureable ceiling calendar people superhuman
maintenance clamor foreign unequivocal fascinate
weightlessness refrigerator official supersede fascination

No Spelling Week 6

Unit 4  -Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
admit  compete  unfairness  postpone  reject
admission  competition  outsider  combustible  rejection
permit  final  enforcement  posterior  create
permission  finality  unevenly  insure  creation
extend  confide  repayment  suburban  public
extension  confidentiality  departure  transmitter  publicity
coerce  demonstrate  delightful  transcend  magic
coercion  demonstrative  unhappiness  intercept  magician
repulse  deride  designer  compromise  erode
repulsion  derision  displeasure  submerge  erosion
expand  deprive  enabler  profusion  hymn
expansion  deprivation  unselfishness  subscribe  hymnal
collide  recite  bewilderment  intersection  malign
collision  recitation  disagreeable  transformation  malignant
exclaim  impose  unsuccessful  cooperate  prejudice
exclamation  imposition  discouragement  proportion  prejudicial
include  ignite  disappointment  commission  solemn
nclusion  ignition  disgraceful  commemorate  solemnity
omit  moment  enclosure  profound  muscle
omission  momentous  outlandish  transition  muscular
separation  admission  competition  enforcement  cooperate
illustration  comprehension  ignition  disagreeable  posterior
representation  expansion  demonstrative  bewilderment  suburban
comprehend  acquire  inaccessible  subterranean  benefit
comprehension  acquisition  inadequately  commiserate  beneficial

No Spelling on Week 6

Unit 5-Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
lesson  bazaar  auditory  aerial  crystallize
lessen  sombrero  benefactor  aerodynamic  hypothesize
aisle  caribou  fracture  autobiography  sabotage
isle  denim  reduction  paragraph  harmonize
I’ll  cashmere  credibility  biographical  positive
straight  paparazzi  dictionary  biology  intuitive
strait  igloo  sector  epigram  criticize
guilt  barbecue  incredibly  microwave  mesmerize
gilt  ohm  construction  dehydrated  perceptive
rye  chocolate  dissect  grammatical  actualize
wry  vandalism  aqueduct  catalog  advantage
vain  plateau  prediction  thermometer  retrospective
vane  poodle  destruction  microscope  percentage
vein  apricot  education  microphone  emphasize
principal  balcony  interjection  chronology  wreckage
principle  yacht  deflection  programmable  specialize
dle  caboose  objectionable  hydroelectric  sympathize
idol  ballet  dejected  thermostat  subversive
rot  gondola  manufacture  lithograph  progressive
wrought  kindergarten  dictator  logical  scrutinize
hymnal  aisle  caribou  credibility  aerodynamic
prejudice  principle  silhouette  dictionary  grammatical
 publicity  vein  plateau  education  monologue
hanger  khaki  audiovisual  monologue  inquisitive
hangar  silhouette  flexion  symphonic  appendage

No Spelling Week 6

Unit 6-Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
valuable  consistent  democrat  accompany  mania
available  inconsistent  zoology  announce  terrain
horrible  applicant  technician  illuminate  narcissism
acceptable  equivalent  heroism  correspond  venerate
compatible  correspondence  telepathy  suppress  arachnid
traceable  significance  theocracy  suffix  odyssey
collectible  obedient  ideology  irreparable  nectar
culpable  defiance  optimist  array  chaos
permissible  violence  botanist  assortment  iris
predictable  nuisance  linguist  immense  helicopter
remarkable  fragrance  mathematician  illegible  nocturnal
admirable  incident  anthropology  illusion  amnesia
dependable  acquaintance  physiology  suffocate  tantalize
profitable  disappearance  cyclist  immigrate  phobia
considerable  hesitant  specialist  impatiently  psychology
believable  occurrence  archaeology  accommodate  mercury
audible  experience  physician  collaborate  hygiene
salvageable  persistent  biologist  immersion  nemesis
regrettable  resonant  sympathy  improbable  stamina
nevitable  deterrent  mythology  supposition  tempest
hypothesize  collectible  experience  mathematician  announce
wreckage  dependable  obedient  theocracy  correspondence
percentage  profitable  acquaintance  sympathy  illegible
eligible  descendant  dietician  correspondence  hermetic
legible  diligent  pediatrician  apprehensive  hypnotize