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April 22 – 26

The students completed oral presentations for their persuasive essays this week. The presentations were quite impressive!  It was obvious that students chose topics they were passionate about and had practiced!  Great job sixth graders!

Our last writing project of the year is a bit of a secret.  Don’t be surprised if your child is not giving you much information at this point.  Students are working hard and everyone should be finished with this May writing assignment by May 10.

The students are enjoying choosing their own books for literature groups.  Literature groups will continue to meet until May 9, our last literature group meeting of the year.  Students should come with their book and be ready to discuss their book with the group.  Each student has been given three bookmarks to mark specific pages to discuss with their group.

For an end of the year project, we will be building rockets.  If you would be able to donate empty 2 liter bottles for the project, it would be greatly appreciated.

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