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April 8 – 12

Students have been working hard on their persuasive essay.  We spent time brainstorming possible topics, and all students  have chosen their topics.  Students have had lessons on writing the introduction, writing the first body paragraph, and looked at a model paper. The model paper is on Google Classroom, so if you need to refer it it, the paper is there for you. The final copy of the persuasive essay is due April 22.

This week we are on Unit 6, Week 1.  We don’t have tests on weeks 1, 3, or 5.  Next week, week 2, our weekly test will be on Thursday since we don’t have school on Friday.

Literature groups continue to meet on Thursday.  Students should have completed their reading and have written three entries in their literature journal to major events in their reading.  Students have chosen their literature books, so there are many different books being read in the classroom!  “So many books to read, not enough time!” Quote by Frank Zappa.


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