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March 25 – 29

This week students took the NSCAR, the state test for Language Arts.  Both Wednesday and Thursday were testing days, and I was impressed with the students’ perseverance!  Students took their time and worked hard!  Great job students!

Next week is week 6 of unit 5, which is normally a big testing week.  Since we took the state tests this week, there will only be two tests next week.  We will take both the grammar and vocabulary tests on Monday.  The grammar test will be on the comparative and superlative form of adjectives.  The vocabulary words are from unit 5.

Next week will be the last week to work on realistic fiction.  This week the lessons were characters, grabber beginnings, punctuating dialogue, and writing believable dialogue.  Next week the lessons will be transitions, endings, titles, revising, and revisiting the requirements.  The realistic fiction stories are due April 8.

We started a shoebox book project today.  The requirements are on Google Classroom.  The students were excited and worked well on them today in class.  I currently have the due day as April 8, but we will revisit that at the end of next week to see if that time is adequate.

Doesn’t a warm, dry weekend sound wonderful?  Maybe next week!


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