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February 18 – 22

Mrs. Hudson came into the classroom on February 22 to talk to the students about registration for seventh grade. Each student received a green sheet containing information about what seventh grade will look like.  If you have any questions after looking over the sheet, be sure to contact Mrs. Hudson.  She will be happy to help!  What an exciting time for our sixth graders!  This year is going by so quickly!

We are continuing our poetry unit.  The poetry notebook are due March 1.  The notebooks should be labeled with the date and type of each poem along with the student’s example.  Some poems should have two examples depending on the type of poem.  The students should choose their best seven poems to publish into a poetry book.  This book is due March 4.

The students wrote the following types of poems this week.

Monday – Month Poem

Tuesday – Bio Poem

Wednesday – No School, Snow Day

Thursday – “Whatif” Poem

Friday – Choice poem from, Kick in the Head.

The AM group is reading, Wonder.  The students decided to break into two groups.  One group will read pages 168-248.  The other group will complete the book.  Literature journals should be complete and brought to literature groups on February 28.

The PM groups is reading, Brown Girl Dreaming.  There are three groups for this book.  The pages are as follows: 80-159, 160-241, or 242- end.  Literature groups will meet February 28, and journals should be brought to group.

The weather is calling for another big storm this weekend.  It has been a great winter to curl up and enjoy a good book!  Stay safe and keep reading!

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