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September is Almost Here!

It was been a great August!  Students are comfortable with the building, have mastered their lockers, and have learned classroom expectations.  We are ready for September!

The morning group finished The Cay and have chosen their second book.  Students chose either Timothy of the Cay, Tall Tales, or Hatchet.  Literature groups will meet Thursday, and students should bring their books and their literature notebooks to groups.  In the literature notebook students should write three reactions they had while reading.  Students need to include page numbers and specific examples from the text to support their answer.  All answers need to be in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.

The afternoon group will finish Al Capone Does My Shirts by Thursday and will choose their new book after literature groups meet.  The expectations for literature groups will be the same as for the morning group, which is explained in the previous paragraph.

MAP testing will take place next Wednesday and Thursday during language arts.  It was supposed to happen this week, but there were some glitches that needed to be worked out.  Hopefully, things will go smoothly next week!

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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