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First Week Information

Today was an exciting day for 6B students; students got their Chromebooks during first period.  Please remember to charge the Chromebook each night, so it’s ready for use the following day.

Students in both Language Arts classes checked out their literature books today.  Students reading The Cay should read to page 68 by Thursday for literature groups.  Students should come to literature groups with their book and their literature notebook.  The notebook should have characteristics of Phillip and Timothy.  They also need to have at least three reactions to their reading.  Students reading, Al Capone Does My Shirts should read to page 70 by Thursday.  In their notebook they should have characteristics of Moose and Natalie and at least three reactions to their reading.

Remember, picture day is August 21. Be sure to bring your money on Tuesday or pay online.

Happy First Week of School!

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