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April 15-18

Persuasive Essays are looking great!  Many of the students finished them today and were able to print.  If the essay was not finished today, it is due on Monday.  If any students want me to look over their essay during the weekend, they can submit it on Google Classroom, and I will make suggestions.  Oral presentations are next week, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  All students have signed up for the day they will present.  The essay and the oral presentation are each worth 100 points as a summative grade.

Literature groups will continue until the end of the year, but the students are no longer required to write in their literature journal.  The students have three bookmarks they will use to indicate places they want to discuss with their group.  Literature groups meet every Thursday.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

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Fourth Quarter Service Project

This week our 6B students competed in a Penny War to help raise money for the Backpack Program.  Congratulations to all, for raising $1,195.48.  This is enough to feed five families for an entire school year!  Great job; we thank you all for your support!

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April 8 – 12

Students have been working hard on their persuasive essay.  We spent time brainstorming possible topics, and all students  have chosen their topics.  Students have had lessons on writing the introduction, writing the first body paragraph, and looked at a model paper. The model paper is on Google Classroom, so if you need to refer it it, the paper is there for you. The final copy of the persuasive essay is due April 22.

This week we are on Unit 6, Week 1.  We don’t have tests on weeks 1, 3, or 5.  Next week, week 2, our weekly test will be on Thursday since we don’t have school on Friday.

Literature groups continue to meet on Thursday.  Students should have completed their reading and have written three entries in their literature journal to major events in their reading.  Students have chosen their literature books, so there are many different books being read in the classroom!  “So many books to read, not enough time!” Quote by Frank Zappa.


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April 1 – 5

Since we had just taken the NSCAR, the Unit 5, Week 6, testing was minimal.  Students took the grammar and vocabulary tests, and then spent the rest of the week completing their realistic fiction stories and their shoe box literature project.  The writing lessons for the week were transitions, endings, titles, revising, and requirements.  Specific instructions are on Google Classroom.  Both projects will be due April 8.

Next week for writing we will begin our persuasive essay.  The oral presentations for this essay will be April 23-26.  In reading we will begin unit 6, week 1.

Literature groups will meet on Thursday.  Students should read and have their three entries from their literature journal with them for group.

My daffodils are about ready to bloom!  Yay, Spring!

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March 25 – 29

This week students took the NSCAR, the state test for Language Arts.  Both Wednesday and Thursday were testing days, and I was impressed with the students’ perseverance!  Students took their time and worked hard!  Great job students!

Next week is week 6 of unit 5, which is normally a big testing week.  Since we took the state tests this week, there will only be two tests next week.  We will take both the grammar and vocabulary tests on Monday.  The grammar test will be on the comparative and superlative form of adjectives.  The vocabulary words are from unit 5.

Next week will be the last week to work on realistic fiction.  This week the lessons were characters, grabber beginnings, punctuating dialogue, and writing believable dialogue.  Next week the lessons will be transitions, endings, titles, revising, and revisiting the requirements.  The realistic fiction stories are due April 8.

We started a shoebox book project today.  The requirements are on Google Classroom.  The students were excited and worked well on them today in class.  I currently have the due day as April 8, but we will revisit that at the end of next week to see if that time is adequate.

Doesn’t a warm, dry weekend sound wonderful?  Maybe next week!


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March 18 – 22

This week we started learning about Realistic Fiction.  We learned about the elements of fiction and the setting.  Students should have a paragraph in their writer’s notebook with a setting they will use when they begin writing their own story.  The stories will be due on April 8.

The AM class is reading either The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle or Surviving Antarctica.  Literature groups will meet March 28.  If students are reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, they should read chapters 1-9.  Surviving Antarctica split into two groups.  One group will read pages 1-87 and the other group will read pages 1-192.  Students could choose how quickly they will read the book.  All students should have three reactions in their literature notebook to bring to literature group.

The PM class is reading, Wonder.  One group will read pages 1-80.  The other group will read pages 1-167.  Again, students will choose which group they’re in and will have three reactions in their literature notebook ready when they come to literature group.

The state testing for language arts will be on March 27 and 28.  Studies show students who are rested and have had a good breakfast perform better on these tests.  The students are looking forward to showing what they know!

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March 11 – 15

Spring Break!  Enjoy!

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March 4 – 8

Our class received two generous donations this year, and I was able to purchased six class sets of literature books. It is so exciting so have such a wonderful selection of books to read.  Our room is like a mini library!

Students did a great job of completing work this week!  The AM Group finished their book, Wonder, and the PM group completed, Brown Girl Dreaming. Each class will begin another literature book when we return from Spring Break.

Students completed their poetry books, and they were wonderful!  Such creativity!  If your child hasn’t shown you the poetry book, ask to see it.  You will be impressed!  We have two writing projects left to complete during fourth quarter, a realistic fiction story and a persuasive essay.  The students also complete a personal piece of writing each quarter.  We will have a busy writing quarter!

Enjoy your time during Spring Break!  I hope it is filled with relaxing, learning, and sunshine!


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February 25 – March 1

This is our last week before the end of the quarter.  Although it is exciting to know Spring Break is just around the corner, it is important to take care of business and turn in assignments next week.  For literature groups, students need to finish their current book and write a Bio Poem about one of the characters from the book.  The AM group should finish Wonder, and the PM group should finish Brown Girl Dreaming.

We had only two new poems this week.  On Monday students wrote,  “I Wonder,” poems and on Tuesday, they wrote Opposite Poems.  The students turned in their poetry notebooks today for a formative grade.  On Tuesday, the students will turn in the final copy of their seven best poems for a summative grade.  The rubric for how this book is being graded is on Google Classroom.

Each quarter the students work on a piece of personal writing of their choice.  This should be handed in by Friday, March 8.

Hopefully, everyone will work hard this week and get everything handed in, and then can enjoy a relaxing or fun-filled Spring break!  Maybe the weather will cooperate, too!  Wouldn’t that be great?!!


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February 18 – 22

Mrs. Hudson came into the classroom on February 22 to talk to the students about registration for seventh grade. Each student received a green sheet containing information about what seventh grade will look like.  If you have any questions after looking over the sheet, be sure to contact Mrs. Hudson.  She will be happy to help!  What an exciting time for our sixth graders!  This year is going by so quickly!

We are continuing our poetry unit.  The poetry notebook are due March 1.  The notebooks should be labeled with the date and type of each poem along with the student’s example.  Some poems should have two examples depending on the type of poem.  The students should choose their best seven poems to publish into a poetry book.  This book is due March 4.

The students wrote the following types of poems this week.

Monday – Month Poem

Tuesday – Bio Poem

Wednesday – No School, Snow Day

Thursday – “Whatif” Poem

Friday – Choice poem from, Kick in the Head.

The AM group is reading, Wonder.  The students decided to break into two groups.  One group will read pages 168-248.  The other group will complete the book.  Literature journals should be complete and brought to literature groups on February 28.

The PM groups is reading, Brown Girl Dreaming.  There are three groups for this book.  The pages are as follows: 80-159, 160-241, or 242- end.  Literature groups will meet February 28, and journals should be brought to group.

The weather is calling for another big storm this weekend.  It has been a great winter to curl up and enjoy a good book!  Stay safe and keep reading!

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