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October 7-11

The grammar lessons this week focused on plural nouns. For writing, students are finishing up a book review along with their personal writing for quarter one.  Both assignments will be due October 16.

Students got their new literature books on Thursday.  The AM groups is reading Summer of the Monkeys, chapters 1-5, stopping at chapter 6.  The PM class is reading Wonder, pages 1-78.  Literature groups always meet on Thursday, but since we will not have school on Thursday of next week, our literature groups will meet on Wednesday, October 16.  Because of the shorter week, students do not need to write in a literature response journal this week.

Unit 2 in reading has been on ancient civilizations.  Have your child tell you what life was like during ancient times.

Hope you’re enjoying this cool weather!  It’s a great time to curl up with a good book!

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September 23 – 27

It was so nice meeting so many of you at parent/teacher conferences.  If it didn’t work out for you to attend, feel free to email me with any questions.

The students chose their new literature book on Thursday.  Bridge to Terabithia should read pages 1-84, Farewell to Manzanar should read pages 1-82, Hatchet 1-88, and Timothy of the Cay, 1-81.  Literature groups will meet again on Thursday.  As always, students should have read the required pages and bring their book and response journal to literature group.

The 6B team will start collecting money for our first quarter service project next week.  We will take the money we collect to Super Saver and purchases groceries to donate to the Food Bank. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to help those in need in the Lincoln community.  We would love to have parents join us on October 15.  If you are able to volunteer, talk to your child’s first period teacher.  Thank you for your support!


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September 16-20

I was so impressed by the students focus during testing this week.  Their hard work and attention to detail paid off.  Great job, students!

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, September 23 and Thursday, September 26 from 3:30 to 6:30.  The 6B teachers will be seated in our pod area.  Conferences will last approximately three to five minutes.  If you feel a longer conference is necessary, contact the teacher and we will be happy to schedule another time.

All students should finish their literature books and response journal by Thursday.  After literature groups meet, students will be choosing their next book.  They will choose between Hatchet, Timothy of the Cay, Bridge to Terabithia, or Farewell to Manzanar.

The 6B annual shopping trip to Super Savor is coming up on October 15.  This is our first quarter service project to purchase food for the Lincoln Food Bank.  More information will be coming!

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September 9-13

We continued to work on how to write TDA.  The final lessons on using transition words and revising will be next week.  Next week will also be the unit 1, week 6 assessments which will include two reading comprehension tests, a grammar and vocabulary test, and a TDA.

Students chose their new literature book on September 12.  If they chose Freak the Mighty, they should read pages 1-79, The Cay will read pages 1-72, and Small Steps will read pages 1-90.  Literature groups will meet September 19, and students should bring their literature book and response journal with them to literature groups.

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September 2-6

Students are reviewing how to write a Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) this week.  They will be writing their first one in sixth grade during the unit 1, week 6 testing on September 18 and 19.  Week six testing will also consist of two reading comprehension passages and a grammar and vocabulary test.

Speaking of testing.  The MAP test for Math will be September 9 and 10.  All students will take the test with their first period teacher.  This is not a timed test, so students will all have the time they need to complete the test.

Literature groups will meet September 12.  Your child is either reading The Cay, Freak the Mighty,or Small Steps.  All students will complete the book and have their literature response complete to bring to literature groups.  Students will get their new book after literature groups meet.

Fall is here!  Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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August 30, 2019

Next week we will have a shortened week because of Labor Day.  Along with that, the students will be taking the reading MAP test during first period on Wednesday and Thursday.  Because of the different schedule, we will be working on unit 1, week 5, vocabulary and stories.  The stories are much shorter during this week, and week five is not a testing week.  With two days of MAP testing, the students didn’t need to take another weekly test on Friday.  Then, on the week of September 9-13, we will go back to unit 1, week 4, and have the test on Friday, September 13.

The students will turn in their writer’s notebook on Tuesday, September 3.  A list of what should be included is on Google Classroom.  All students turned in their “Who am I? ” writing activity today.  They are posted in our 6B pod.  You’ll have to check them out at conferences and see if you can find your child.

Speaking of conferences, Parent Teacher Conferences will be September 23 and 26 from 3:30 to 6:30.  The 6B teachers will all be in the pod, and academic connection teachers will be in the cafeteria.  We do not have scheduled conferences in middle school.  Parents form a line and talk to their child’s teacher.

The students all chose their next literature book.  In the AM class, the choices were Freak the Mighty  or The Cay.  In the PM class, the choices were Freak the Mighty or Small Steps.  Literature groups will meet on Thursday.  Freak the Mighty will read to page 79, The Cay to page 72, and Small Steps to page 90.  The students will also be writing a literature response.

I hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend!  Enjoy!

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August 27, 2019

We have had a great first two weeks of school!  Students know their way around the building, have mastered their locks, and are completing homework.  Here are a few reminders of assignments that will be due soon.

Literature groups meet every Thursday.  The AM class is reading Small Steps, and the PM class is reading The Cay.  Both groups should finish the book by Thursday.  When students come to literature groups, they need to have their literature journal complete.  The journal needs three reactions to what they have read.  Each reaction should be a complete paragraph and include the page number.  I have examples on Google Classroom.

Thursday is also the day the unit 1, week 3, vocabulary slides are due.  The word and definition is given to the students.  They need to use the word in a meaningful sentence, find a picture that depicts the word, and include either a synonym, antonym, or a personal story of the word.

I will do a writer’s notebook check on September 3.  See Google Classroom for a list of assignments I will be looking for.  Each entry needs to be dated and titled.

I have been impressed with the students positive attitudes and work ethic! Keep it up sixth graders! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

It was wonderful meeting so many of you at the open house on August 8!  I was able to reconnect with many families, and meet many of you for the first time.  It is always such a fun evening!  I love the enthusiasm as students find their lockers, see their friends, explore the building, and meet their teachers. If you were not able to make it to open house, don’t worry.  We are here to help and make your child’s first day at Scott Middle School a good one!  See you on Monday, August 12!

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May 13 – 17

This was a big week for testing!  Students were all able to complete the unit 6, week 6 tests for grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and write their text dependent analysis.  Great job sixth graders!

On Monday, students found out their Quiz Bowl teams.  It has been fun to see the teams work so cooperatively as they study together!  The Quiz Bowl competition begins on Monday afternoon.

The library is still missing a lot of books, and so am I.  Please check at home to see if you have any books that might belong to either our library or me.  We would love to have them returned!

We start our rocket building project on Monday.  We are still looking for some 2 liter bottles.  If you have an empty bottle, we would love to make it into a rocket!  Rocket launching will be on Wednesday.

Students checked in their Chromebooks today.  They will be issued the same Chromebook when they return in August.

Just a reminder, students are not to bring their backpacks the last two days of school.  They can continue to use their lockers for phones, lunches, or jackets, but everything else will be taken home either Monday or Tuesday when students clean out their lockers.


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May 6 – 10

Almost all of the students were able to complete their May writing project.  Hopefully, they will be sharing their writing with you soon.  We also had a special writing celebration on Thursday.  Students that have been part of Lincoln Public School were given their writing folders with a collection of writing from kindergarten through fifth grade.  There were a lot of laughs as students shared their stories and illustrations.  It was fun for the students to see their growth and creativity!

Our last literature group of the year met on Thursday, but I encourage students to continue reading.  This is a wonderful opportunity to choose new books or revisit some of your favorites.  Two librarians from the public library came to visit Scott Middle School on Wednesday to let us know about their summer reading program.  Check out their webpage to sign up!  The public library is also looking for volunteers to help with the elementary reading program.

Next week will the unit 6, week 6, testing.  Students will take a reading comprehension test, a grammar test, a vocabulary test, and write a Text Dependent Analysis(TDA).

Tuesday,, May 14,  Scott Middle School will be lucky to have a local author, Phillipa Stusiuk, visit our school! Ms. Stusiuk describes herself as a writer, rover, animal and plant lover, Philippa has lived in Zimbabwe (where she’s from), South Africa, South Korea, Mexico, New York, and Copenhagen, Denmark. She grew up with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Bichon Frises, Dachshunds, and mutts. She now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. The Wonderful Whippet of Winifred Weatherwax is her first novel.

May 17, students will check in their Chromebooks for the summer.  Please make sure to bring all the parts including the strap for the case and the charger.  Each student will be issued the same computer in the fall when we return to school.

We all know summer is right around the corner, but finish strong!  There is still work to be done!

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