Weekly Update 4/12-4/15

This week we talked about how we can make noise with tubes. We discovered boomwhackers, and examined a flute and trumpet. We also got to visit the music room and talk about some tube instruments and participate in a song with the 2nd graders! We used egg shakers and then came back to the classroom and made our own.

Our small groups this week focused on turn taking, making music, and rhyming. Talk to your child about words that rhyme and encourage them to come up with their own! You can make real works or silly words with them to encourage this skill.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on being kind. We talked about how we can be kind to all friends all of the time and what it looks like to be kind throughout the day. The teachers gave out kindness stickers when we noticed a friend being kind this week.

Keep scrolling for pictures from our family event last week!


April 19 & 22 – No school

April 30 — No school

Weekly Update 4/8-4/12

We had a fabulous time celebrating the Week of the Young Child! We had a different theme each day and ended with an awesome family event! We had: Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Work Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday, and Family Friday. Take some time to ask your child what their favorite day was!

On Monday we made kazoos.


On Tuesday we did a taste test (lime, pineapple, pretzel, and frosting) and made dirt dessert.

On Wednesday we worked together to decorate banners and use the parachute outside.

On Thursday we decorated with new art materials and made puffy paint

I will add pictures from Family Friday to the blog next week!


April 19 – No School

April 22 – No School

April 30 — No School

Weekly Update 4/1-4/5

This week we talked about who works with tubes and tunnels. We talked about scientists, firefighters, cafeteria staff, construction crews, and plumbers. The students got to conduct our own science experiment and take a field trip to to the kitchen to see how they use tubes!

In small groups this week, the students had an opportunity to use tubes to paint, practice lacing, and practice beading with beads and pipe cleaners. Beading and lacing are great ways to practice fine motor skills and hand eye coordination!

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to solve a problem. The students practiced identifying the problem, using our calm down strategies, and thinking about ways that we could solve the problem. We learned that there are multiple ways that you can solve a problem and that you get to decide which one works best for you.


April 12 – Family Socialization

April 19 & 22 — No School (Break)

April 30 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 3/25-3/29

This week we have been discussing some different ways that people use tubes. We wrote letters and put them in “mail tubes” to mail to another preschool class in the district and we experimented with marbles and different sized tubes/tunnels.


During small group this week we talked about 3-d shapes, went on a treasure hunt for 3-d shapes, and discovered what types of items would roll/move down a ramp. The students were able to predict what they thought would happen, complete the experiment, and talk about why it either rolled or didn’t roll.

Our social-emotional curriculum focused on saying the problem. We role played different problems and practiced identifying what the problem was. This is an easy skill to practice at home! You encounter numerous little problems everyday. You can call attention to the situation and ask your child if they can identify what your problem is and brainstorm ways to solve it.

Family Socialization 

Our family socialization is scheduled for April 12 from 2:30-3:30pm. This is an opportunity for you to actively engage with your child in the classroom. There will be activities for you to complete, a science experiment, a building contest, and activities to engage in outside. Please RSVP here:


**If you attend you MUST park in the staff parking lot on the side of the building**


April 1-17 — 4th Quarter Home Visits

April 12 — Family Socialization 2:30-3:30pm

April 19 & 22 — No School

Weekly Update 3/18-3/22

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great, relaxing spring break. We hit the ground running in preschool this week. We started talking about different ways that people and animals use tubes and tunnels. We introduced our new class pets (worms) and the students have been able to observe them digging their tunnels! We also had a special visitor, Mr Bassett, (who is an Anatomy and Physiology teacher at SCC) come in to talk about the tunnels in our bodies. He brought in models of veins and arteries and had some hands on activities for the class.


Our small groups this week consisted of exploring the Starfall ABC app on the iPad, playing a matching and counting game, and playing a memory game. Did you know that you can lock your child into an app on the iPad? This feature allows you to restrict your child from opening any other app or browsing any content that might not be suitable for young children. It is a feature called guided access which can be found by going to: settings — accessibility — guided access. You can turn this feature on and set a passcode. I’m unsure if this feature can be found on any other operating systems, however, if you are wondering about yours let me know and I can try to find out!


Our social emotional curriculum focused on reviewing classroom rules and problem solving skills. We reviewed our solution kit which has ideas for how to solve social problems in the classroom. Some of the solutions include getting a timer, sharing, or trading.

Save the Date

Our spring family socialization will be on April 12 from 2:30-3:30. We will have various activities set up that you and your child can complete or you can choose to just play with the materials with your child. This is an opportunity for you to participate and actively engage in your child’s day! If you plan to attend, please RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XYefkCn5OUUckRNiWpffkxsJW7_DNGctmIdv4XYO7RI/edit?usp=sharing

**If you attend, you MUST park in the staff parking lot on the south side of the building** 

The rest of the building dismisses at 2:53, so we cannot impede the flow of traffic during this time.


March 26 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 3/4-3/8

This week we talked about different types of tubes and got to explore PVC pipes, water hoses, and rain gutters. We talked about what we noticed about the different types and what was the same and different about them. We introduced the concept of a Venn diagram and filled it out while talking about the similarities and differences.

This week we also had a special visitor! Pat the Cat in the Hat came to visit the preschoolers and read Dr. Seuss books! Each child got to hold a stuffed animal character from a Dr. Seuss book and use them to act out The Foot Book. The students had a great time listening to the stories and interacting with their animals.

Our small groups this week consisted of making bird feeders with tubes, going on a color hunt through Kloefkorn, and using our predicting and counting skills. Our social emotional curriculum focused on reviewing our friendship and problem solving skills. The students had multiple opportunities to practice these skills throughout the week.

Travel Book

If your family is going on a vacation or doing something fun over spring break, bring in a picture or two! I am going to create a preschool travel book so that students can share where they have been and what they did. This will help foster recall, conversation, and public speaking skills. Feel free to bring in or email me pictures from previous trips if you think your child would be able to recall some details about it. It might be helpful to write something on the back of the picture so I can assist if needed when your child is telling their friends.


March 11-15 — No School (Spring Break)

March 26 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 2/25-3/1

This week we have been talking about tubes and tunnels and the differences between the two. The students had opportunities to use tubes in new ways and explore tunnels of various lengths. We talked about the things that can go through tunnels and the students drew/wrote in their writing journals!

Our small groups this week consisted of shape matching and identification using tangrams, using team work to put together new big puzzles, and identifying and matching beginning sounds. Talking about the sounds that different letters make is an easy activity to add to any routine. For example, toothbrush and toothpaste both start with the T sound. Practicing skills across environments helps children to generalize the skill to all settings.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on appropriate ways to ask friends to join play and ways for you to ask to join in play. The students had opportunities to practice this skill during large group settings and during choice time.


March 5 & 7 — Parent Teacher Conferences

March 11-15 — No School (Spring Break)

Weekly Update 2/11-2/15

This week we continued our discussion of simple machines by talking about who works with simple machines and how you can use them in your life. The students had the chance to walk around Kloefkorn to go on a simple machine scavenger hunt and discovered that there were simple machines around every corner! We also had a great time during our Spring Party! A big thank you to Jenn, Angie, and Mary for volunteering to facilitate an activity during this time, you rock!

During our small groups this week the students made oobleck (cornstarch and water), practiced their recall skills, and learned about rhyming words. You can practice rhyming words at home throughout routines! You can call attention to how the words sound similar and see if your child can think of a word that rhymes too. Encourage any type of word, even if it’s a silly made up word, to support their ability to recognize when a word rhymes.


Our social emotional curriculum reviewed fair ways to play in the classroom. We talked about how students can play together, trade, or share their toys! We utilize a problem solution kit in our classroom that provides children with multiple ways in which to solve their social problems such as: get a timer, trade, ask nicely etc. If this is something you would like to use at your house, let me know! I’m happy to get one to you.

Parent Teacher Conferences

You should have all received an e-mail from me last week about parent teacher conferences. Please let me know if you will be attending conferences so that I can best plan for our meeting.


February 18 — No School (Plan Day)

February 26 — No School (PLC)

March 5 & 7 — Parent Teacher Conferences

Weekly Update 2/4-2/8

This week we began discussing a variety of simple machines: screw, pulley, wedge, and wheel and axle. The students had the opportunity to explore various types of screws and try to match screw drivers to the screws, use a pulley to lift a small weight, use knives (wedge) to cut play-dough, and explore a skate. Mrs Bassett (morning teacher) came in and demonstrated how to use a complex machine (blender) to make banana smoothies. They were a hit!

In small groups this week we made play-dough, practiced our throwing and catching skills with balls and beanbags, and matched lids to different types of containers. Cooking with your child is a great opportunity to practice math and reading skills and practice following directions. Start with something simple, such as a trail mix, and then slowly make the recipes more complex with more steps!

Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to manage waiting. Sometimes it is hard for children to wait for their turn or for someones attention. One strategy we talked about was counting silently while you’re waiting.

Spring Party

We have enough volunteers for our Spring Party on the 14th, thank you!! Just a reminder that we will be passing out Valentine’s Day cards during this time and your child is welcome to bring one for each child (18 students), keeping in mind that we DO NOT allow candy/food items and prefer that no names are written on them. Your child is welcome to write their name so we know who they are from.


February 14 — Spring Party

February 18 — No School (Plan Day)

February 26 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 1/23-1/25

This week we continued our discussion about simple machines and specifically talked about levers. We also added the word fulcrum to our vocabulary! We talked about how the fulcrum can be in different locations on a lever in order to support it’s function. The students were even able to use levers to make lemonade! It was a big hit 🙂

In small groups this week we practiced our cutting skills using levers (scissors), mixed paint to determine what colors it would make, and used levers (tongs) to pick up ping pong balls. During our Second Step lesson we learned what it meant to feel disappointed. We talked about how students might not always get a turn or get what they want and that might make them feel disappointed. Then we talked about how we could make our bodies feel better by taking a deep breath.

Spring Party 

Our Spring Party will be on February 14 at 1:30-2:00pm. We are looking for 2 volunteers to bring in a game or craft for our students to complete during this time. It could be Bingo, decorating felt shapes, a matching game, pin the bird on the tree (or other variations), etc. these games/crafts do not need to be elaborate, the kiddos will love whatever you bring. If you would be willing to volunteer for this event, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!

This will also be a time for students to pass out Valentine’s Day cards.

We have 17 students in the classroom. Just a reminder that we do not allow children to bring in any candy/food items and please do not write names on the cards. Your child is welcome to write his/her name so we know who they’re from.


January 29 — No School (PLC Day)

February 14 — Spring Party