Monthly Archives: November 2021

Weekly Update 11/15-11/19

This week we talked about how trees change and talked about things that are made of wood. Ask your child if they can tell you something that is made from wood!

During small groups this week students made goop (corn starch and water), practiced counting, and practiced identifying positional words with “snowballs”.

Our second step lesson talked about the same and different. We learned that someone might feel differently than you about the same situation and that is okay. We also played a game where we tried to identify the things that were the same about two object and the things that were different.


November 24-30 — No School

December 13 — Family Socialization

December 14 — No School

Weekly Update 11/8-11/12

This week we talked all about what trees need to grow and we started to talk about how trees change. We talked about how our bodies change as we grow older and trees change too.

In small groups this week we practiced making patterns, making our name, and making various emotions using playdoh.

Our second step lessons focused on how to identify when someone is feeling angry and what we can do if we are feeling angry. We have a calm down area in our classroom where students can go if they are experiencing a big emotion. This area has some cozy pillows, sensory toys, and mirrors to support students as they calm their bodies. We also practiced how to take deep breaths and ask a teacher/adult for help.


November 24-30 — No School

December 13 2:00-2:30 — Family Socialization

Weekly Update 11/1-11/5

This week we talked about what food comes from trees and what other things are made from trees. We went on a scavenger hunt to see what we could find around Kloefkorn.

In small groups this week we retold The Gingerbread Man, worked on making letters using shaving cream, and talked about positional words by throwing beanbags.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on talking about emotions. We learned about what might make a friend happy or sad. We also focused on how to be kind at school. We tried to catch kids being kind during the day and they received a smelly marker on their hand!


November 23 — Fall Party

November 24-30 — No School