Weekly Update 3/29-4/1

This week we talked about how we can recycle materials to make new things. We recycled paper towel tubes to make binoculars and old grocery sacks to make kites!

During small group this week we played a memory game, recycled paper to make books, and sorted through various recycled materials to find the recycling symbol. Do you recycle at your house? Talk to your child about things that you can and cannot recycle. Let them help you sort your recycling into different bins.

Our 2nd step lessons went over how to stay safe at school. We practiced our shelter drill and our evacuation drill and talked about the other drills (lockdown, hold, secure) and what they mean.


April 2 & 5 — No School

April 13 — Alternate PLC Schedule (8:00-11:30am)

April 12-23 — 4th Quarter Home Visits