Weekly Update 1/28-1/29

During these two day, we spent time exploring tubes and water! We also used ramps and tubes to make different pathways for balls and marbles.

Home Visits

Our 3rd quarter home visits are scheduled for Feb 8-26. During this visit, I will update you about your child’s progress in the classroom, answer any questions you might have, and complete a short activity if your child is present. Your child will pick a teacher they’d like to write and deliver a letter to using a tube! Please have at least one tube that your child can fit a rolled piece of paper in (toilet paper tube, paper towel tube, wrapping paper tube, etc.).

Valentine’s Day

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are not allowed to bring Valentine’s cards, candy, or other items to share with classmates.


February 9 — No PM preschool (Extra PLC)

February 15 — No School (Plan Day)

February 23 — No School (PLC)