Weekly Update 12/1-12/4

This week we talked about what buildings are made of and what keeps people safe while they are building structures. The students were able to see and touch drywall, shingles, bricks, plywood, and 2×4’s to gain a better understanding of various types of building materials.

Our small groups this week allowed students to practice recognizing and making different shapes, practice identifying the beginning sounds of words, and they got to experiment making structures with blocks and shaving cream.

Our 2nd Step lesson focused on accidents. We learned that accidents happen all the time! We also learned what steps to take if we accidentally do something to a friend. We can tell the friend that it was an accident and check to see if they are okay or if we can help them.



December 11 — No School (Plan Day)

December 15 — No School (PLC)

December 23 – January 4 — No School (Winter Break)