Weekly Update 11/4-11/6

This week we began talking about our buildings study. We talked about what a building was and what kinds of buildings we have seen. We also spent some time looking at pictures of different buildings and talking about what we noticed.

In small groups this week we practiced making letters, went fishing for numbers, and practiced retelling a familiar story. The story we read this week was The Three Little Pigs and the Big Red Dog. Ask your child if they can tell you what happened in our story!

During our Second Step time we talked about what might make us feel angry. We practiced showing friends what our faces look like, talked about times that we have felt angry, and talked about ways to calm our bodies if we are feeling very angry.


November 9-20 — 2nd Quarter Home Visits

November 10 — No PM Preschool (Extra PLC day)

November 24 — No School (PLC)

November 25-27 — No School (Thanksgiving Break)

November 30 — No School (Plan day)