Weekly update 10/26-10/30

This week we wrapped up our signs study. We talked about our favorite parts of the study and discussed what we learned about signs. Next week we will start our buildings study!

In small groups this week we practiced graphing, making rhymes, and making shapes. You can practice rhyming with your child by singing familiar nursery rhymes and pointing out rhyming pairs, reading books with rhyming words, and making up silly words to rhyme with their names or the names of family members.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on identifying the emotions scared and surprised. We talked about times that we might have felt that way. We also talked about safe and unsafe substances for our bodies. We discussed who can give you medicine and what to do if someone unsafe tries to give you something.

Second Quarter Home Visits

Our second round of home visits will occur November 9-20. Please let me know if you don’t remember the time you signed up for or if you need to reschedule your visit.


November 2 — No School (Plan day)

November 3 — No School (Election day)