Weekly Update 10/19-10/23

This week we talked all about how signs help us. We got to make our own animal crossing signs and hang them up in the classroom and we practiced using detour signs. On Tuesday, we had a special guest! Ms Shellie zoomed with us and taught us all about how to keep our teeth clean. Ask your child what they can tell you about keeping their teeth clean!

In small groups this week we made numbers with playdoh, made letters with tape, and predicted how far we could blow various items using straws. Playdoh and tape are fun and easy ways to increase fine motor (finger) strength. Fine motor muscles are so important to develop during preschool as they support writing skills.

Our social and emotional curriculum focused on identifying emotions. We talked about the emotions happy and sad this week. We talked about things that make us feel happy or sad and what our faces look like when we feel that way.

Playground Photo Shoot!



October 27 — No school (PLC)

November 2 — No school (Plan day)

November 3 — No school (Election day)