Weekly Update 10/5-10/9

This week we finished our discussion about the characteristics of signs and began talking about where signs are found. We talked about advertisements and displays that they might see at a store. During choice time one day, we decorated a banner that will be displayed in the hallway. Our banner says “We have grit and we won’t quit!”

One small group this week introduced the concept of tallying. Each student got their own tally sheet and practiced how to tally signs that we found around the room. The other small groups were making letters with popsicle sticks and sign bingo.

We learned some very important safety rules this week. The first one is the Always Ask First rule. This rule tells us that we should always ask an adult first before trying something or going somewhere. The second rule we learned is our gun safety rule which says that we never touch guns. Take some time to talk to your child about the importance of these safety rules and how they apply at home.


October 15-16 — No School (Plan day & Fall Break)

October 27 — No School (PLC)