Weekly Update 9/21-9/25

This week we concluded our Beginning of the Year Study and began our Signs Study! We spent some time looking at signs and talking about what we noticed about them, what we thought they might mean, and looking around outside to see if we could see any signs.

During small groups this week, students went fishing for letters, made letters in shaving cream, and made letters with playdoh. This week was all about letter identification! These are just a few ways that you can practice letter identification at home.

Our second step lessons focused on listening and following directions. We talked about who you could ask if you forget what to do. We also talked about our solution kit. The solution kit includes pictures of various ways that students can solve social problems in the classroom. Some ideas are to get a timer, trade toys, ask nicely, or play together.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The Early Childhood Department decided that preschool will not participate in parent teacher conferences this year. This information will be shared during a home visit instead. If you receive an email requesting that you sign up for conferences, please ignore it.


September 29 — No School (PLC)

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