Weekly Update 1/21-1/24

This week we began talking about special clothes that people wear to work. We talked about the different parts of the firefighter and police officer uniforms that we saw when they visited (during 2nd quarter) and the students were able to talk about the special things that their family members wear to work!

During small groups the students learned about alliterations and sorted objects based on their beginning sounds, worked on 1:1 correspondence while counting using clothespins, and worked on 1:1 correspondence while counting using cotton balls. Counting using one-to-one correspondence, or using one number for each item, is an important skill to practice whenever you can. You can practice counting stickers, toys, magnets, candy, etc. and emphasize that the student use only one number for each item.

Our social emotional curriculum continued to focus on big feelings and how to calm our bodies when we are having big feelings. This week we talked about feeling disappointment and why you might feel that way. We also reviewed how to calm our bodies by taking deep belly breaths.



January 28 — No School (PLC)

February 5 — Fancy Dress Day

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