Weekly Update 1/13-1/17

This week we talked about how we can make clothes. Mrs Bassett and Ms Peggy brought in some supplies to show us how to crochet and how to knit! We talked about the different tools they need for each and what types of things they can make.


Our small groups this week allowed students to experiment with mixing paint using mittens, introduced new 3-D shapes, and had students practice how to make shapes using geoboards. 3-D shapes are all around us and I challenge you to ask your child if they can spy any throughout your day!


Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to calm down if you are having a big feeling. Mindy and Morey were feeling very frustrated this week and we helped them calm down by putting their hands on their tummy, saying stop, and taking some deep breaths. We practiced how to calm our bodies down if we are feeling scared, excited, sad, or having any other big feelings.



January 20 — No School (MLK Jr. Day)

January 28 — No School (PLC)


Weekly Update 1/7-1/10

We have had a wonderful first week back from break. This week we reviewed the rules of our classroom and reviewed friendship skills.


In small groups this week the students made playdoh, played a memory game, and got to write/draw about what they did over their winter break.

Our social emotional curriculum talked about what it feels and looks like if you are worried. We talked about how your tummy might hurt and that you can talk to a teacher or other adult to help you feel better.

Home Visits

Our 3rd quarter home visits start January 13. If you do not remember what day you signed up for or if you need to reschedule, please let me know.


January 13 — 3rd quarter home visits begin

January 20 — No school (MLK Jr. Day)

January 28 — No School (PLC)