Weekly Update 12/9-12/13

This week we talked about how we take care of clothes. We discussed the different ways that people might wash their clothes and what types of soaps they might use. The students got to experiment with different types of soap (liquid, pod, and bar soap) to wash dirty socks. We also had two special visitors come to talk about the types of clothing that they wear. Ms Peggy brought in her 9-month old son, Henry, and her sister, Ms Martha, works in a dental office and talked about her scrubs!


In small group this week the students practice writing their names and clothing words with magnet letters, making letters and writing words in shaving cream, and retelling The Gingerbread Man. Ask you child if they can tell you the story about The Gingerbread Man at home!

Our social emotional  curriculum focused on The Touching Rule which says: A person should never touch your private body parts except to keep you healthy. We talked about what it means to keep you healthy and who can touch your private body parts to keep you healthy (Mom, Dad, Doctor).


December 17 — No School (PLC)

December 23 – January 6 — No School (Winter Break)

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