Weekly Update 11/18-11/22

This week we started our Clothes Study! We spent time talking about different types clothing and examining our clothing collection. Each student had an opportunity to share about an outfit they were wearing and to tell their friends if they had a favorite item of clothing.

In small groups this week we practiced how to count and tally, how to set the table and engage in dramatic play ideas with peers, and we practiced counting using one number for each object which is called one to one correspondence. One to one correspondence is something that you can practice at home making sure that your child just says one number for each object as they point to it.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on safe and unsafe touches. We talked about what a safe touch and unsafe touch looked like, how it might make you feel, and how to respond to each type of touch. We practiced using our Ways to Stay Safe and how to say words that mean no in a strong and respectful voice. The students also generated a list of people they could tell if someone gave them an unsafe touch.


November 25 — Family Socialization 2:00-2:30pm

November 26-December 2 — No School

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