Weekly Update 11/11-11/15

This week we finished our Trees Study. To celebrate, Mrs. Bowhay came in to play her guitar (instrument made from wood) and sing with us! During this study we talked about food that grows on trees, animals that live in trees, how trees change, who works with trees, and what you can do with parts of trees. Take some time to ask your child what they know about trees.


During small groups this week we learned about graphing, practiced drawing pictures about stories, and about different ways to sort. The students practiced how to sort by color, shape, and size. They also had opportunities to explain why they were putting buttons in certain groups.


Our social emotional curriculum focused on the same vs different feelings. We talked about how it’s ok to feel differently than someone about the same situation. For example, some friends might feel excited to go to the dentist and other friends might feel scared or nervous.


November 25 — Family Socialization from 2:00-2:30pm

November 26 – December 2 — No School

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