Weekly Update 10/22-10/25

This week we wrapped up our discussion of what food grows on trees and began talking about who takes care of trees. The students got to do a taste test of some food that grows on trees (lemons and plums) and they had some mixed reactions 🙂

During small groups this week we made a snack mix by following a recipe, made letters with pom poms, and practiced how to retell a familiar story. Ask your child if they can tell you anything about the story Henny Penny. We have read that story multiple times and each child has had at least 2 opportunities to help us retell it!

Our social emotional curriculum reviewed skills that we learned before the break. We reviewed our problem solving skills, our solution kit, and how to identify feelings.

Home Visits

Our 2nd quarter home visits will be occurring November 4-15. Please let me know if you do not remember what day/time you signed up for or if you think you need to reschedule!


October 29 — No School (PLC)
November 1 — Pajama Day

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