Weekly Update 10/14-10/16

We had a wonderful short week in preschool! We finished up our discussion about who lives in trees and began talking about what food comes from trees. We generated a long list of food that animals eat and that people eat and will continue our conversation when we return from break.

Our small groups looked a little different this week. We practiced our spatial relationship and direction following skills to create a monster book and painted with tree parts. We also had a visit from the firetruck this week! The students have been using firefighter dramatic play props to pretend to fight fires. Some students took on the role of firefighters, some took on the role of preparing food for the firefighters, and others took on the role of placing the fires in various places around the classroom. It has been so fun to watch how they decide to play with the props each day.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on feelings this week. We talked about how we can look at someones face to identify how they are feeling and began to identify some emotions words. This week we talked about happy and sad.


October 17-21 — No School (Fall Break)

October 29 — No School (PLC)

November 1 — Pajama Day

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