Weekly Update 9/30-10/4

This week we started talking about characteristics of trees in our community. We discussed how to measure the circumference of trees, used our senses to describe trees, and learned about the parts of trees. Ask your child if they can tell you about the different parts of trees this weekend!

In small groups, students worked on identifying letters, worked to make letters with popsicle sticks, and learned about patterns. Students used different colored bears to continue patterns on pattern mats and we have been practicing making patterns with our bodies such as: boy, girl, boy, girl and stand, sit, stand, sit. You can practice patterns at home using eating utensils, colored legos, or members of your family!

Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to respectfully ask for help if you need something. We talked about how it can be really frustrating if you can’t do something, such as zip your coat, but that we can practice asking an adult with a strong, respectful voice.


October 14 & 15 — Parent Teacher Conferences

October 17-21 — No School (Fall Break)

October 29 — No School (PLC)

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