Weekly Update 9/16-9/20

This week we wrapped up our Beginning of the Year Study by talking about how to make friends at school. We practiced taking turns, talked about who our friends are, and talked about what we like to do with friends both at school and at home.

In small groups this week we practiced our recall skills by playing memory, practiced our writing skills but writing letters and names in our journals, and worked on predicting by trying to guess how many times a ball would bounce. Writing is a fundamental skill that can be practiced from a very young age. Having your child begin by tracing letters with their fingers is a great place to start. When we are writing, we use the words, “Pinch and flip” in order to encourage the correct pencil grasp. This is a technique that most children are familiar with, and I am happy to demonstrate what it looks like on a home visit!

Our social emotional curriculum focused on practicing self-talk and talking about our solution kit. Our solution kit has problem solving ideas for social problems. The ideas are paired with visuals so that children can use it in the classroom independently.


September 23-26 — First Quarter Home Visits

September 23 — Walk-a-Thon

September 24 — No School (PLC)

October 14 & 15 — Parent Teacher Conferences

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