Weekly Update 9/9-9/13

This week we finished our discussion about when things happen at school and began talking about who works at our school. We had two classroom visitors come talk about how they help at our school. Mr Craig talked to us about how he cleans the school and what materials he uses and Ms Rachel talked to us about how she helps friends who are hurt or sick and showed us some tools that she uses.


In small groups this week, students practiced making shapes with geoboards, moved their bodies in different ways on the playground, and played a letter game. We are working hard to learn our letters and letter sounds in preschool! We practice a few letters each week and each letter has a picture and an action that we do. Ask your child if they can show/tell you any of the pictures or actions for the letters H, T, L, or E.


Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to use friendship skills in the classroom. We practiced how to get your friends attention, how to give a toy, and how to ask for a toy. We also talked about fair ways to play in the classroom.


September 18 — Picture day

September 23 — Preschool Walk-a-Thon

September 24 — No School (PLC)

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