Weekly Update 9/3-9/6

This week we finished talking about our rules at school and began talking about when things happen at school. We learned about how to appropriately play rhythm sticks, what resting position looks like, and we talked about the function of a clock.

During small groups this week the students used team work to complete a floor puzzle, worked on following directions using playdoh and cookie cutters, and learned about spatial relationships with beanbags by naming where their beanbag landed in relation to a basket. These words can be incorporated at home in your daily routines! For example, asking your child to put their toothpaste beside their toothbrush or telling them to put their toy behind the couch.

Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to pay attention and focus using atten-to-scopes (ask your child to show you their atten-to-scopes!) and how to appropriately get someones attention in the classroom.


September 16-26 — 1st Quarter Home Visits

September 18 — Picture Day

September 23 — Walk-a-Thon

September 24 — No School (PLC)


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