Weekly Update 4/29-5/3

We have continued our conversation about trash and where trash goes this week. We went on a trashcan/recycling bin hunt around Kloefkorn and the preschoolers loved using their attento-scopes to find the different bins that we have. We talked a bit about where trash goes and how we can help keep the Earth safe and clean.

In small groups, the preschoolers got to go bowling with recycled bottles, practice patterns with stickers, and practice action patterns with their bodies. We watched and practiced the moves to Banana, Banana, Meatball (a GoNoodle video) and then they were able to come up with their own action patterns.


Next week (May 8) will be the last day that we check out books from the school library. The books on this day will NOT go home with your child to ensure that they are returned the following week. Please continue to bring any library books that you may still have to make sure they are returned before the end of the school year.


May 23 – Field Day (Your child must wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for physical activity)

May 23 – Last Day of School

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