Weekly Update 5/13-5/17

This week we have been talking about how we can reuse junk and make it into something new! We made binoculars out of old tubes, pulled junk from a mystery bag, talked about how to make instruments, and made new clothing!

Our small groups this week consisted of a memory game, sorting junk, and practicing our fine motor and writing skills. Encourage your child to practice their writing/fine motor skills at home by asking them to draw a picture of what they see, make a book about their day, draw on a white/chalk board, color with chalk outside, or put together small legos or other small manipulative. As society is increasingly adopting new technology, opportunities for fine motor practice has decreased in young children. However, these skills are still an essential part of every day life and need to be practiced in all environments.

Upcoming events

As the school year winds down we are fortunate to be able to celebrate in various ways! On May 21st we will be celebrating Bill Kloefkorn with a concert and parade. Our preschoolers will join the rest of the school for a children’s concert before going to watch the student body participate in the parade. Due to the length of the route, we will not be walking in the parade. On May 22nd, we are going to practice eating lunch in the cafeteria! We will practice holding lunch trays, going through the line, opening milk, and throwing away food in the correct places. Finally, on May 23rd, we will be participating in field day. This is an event in which students participate in various activities that are set up around the school grounds. Students will need to be in tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather and physical activities. Please take a minute to prepare your child for the events that will be taking place. The routine will look A LOT different the last week of school than it has all year which may be upsetting to some. We will be talking about it at school as well.



Weekly Update 5/6-5/10

This week we talked about where trash goes and what happens when it gets there. Our custodian, Mr Craig, showed the preschoolers where our trash goes after we throw it away in the classroom. He showed us the different containers it gets put in and the scale they use to weigh it. We also talked about how we can reuse trash such as plastic bottles and bags.

During small group this week we practiced writing and illustrating a story, comparing containers using water droppers, and retelling a story using felt pieces.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on those transitioning into kindergarten. We talked about the listening rules and how they will have to practice their wait time and ability to follow multi-step directions. Our soon-to-be kindergarteners have been given more responsibilities in the classroom this week and will continue this trend until the end of the school year.


May 23 – Field Day (Your child must wear tennis shoes and clothing for physical activities)

May 23 – Last Day of School

Weekly Update 4/29-5/3

We have continued our conversation about trash and where trash goes this week. We went on a trashcan/recycling bin hunt around Kloefkorn and the preschoolers loved using their attento-scopes to find the different bins that we have. We talked a bit about where trash goes and how we can help keep the Earth safe and clean.

In small groups, the preschoolers got to go bowling with recycled bottles, practice patterns with stickers, and practice action patterns with their bodies. We watched and practiced the moves to Banana, Banana, Meatball (a GoNoodle video) and then they were able to come up with their own action patterns.


Next week (May 8) will be the last day that we check out books from the school library. The books on this day will NOT go home with your child to ensure that they are returned the following week. Please continue to bring any library books that you may still have to make sure they are returned before the end of the school year.


May 23 – Field Day (Your child must wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for physical activity)

May 23 – Last Day of School