Weekly Update 2/25-3/1

This week we have been talking about tubes and tunnels and the differences between the two. The students had opportunities to use tubes in new ways and explore tunnels of various lengths. We talked about the things that can go through tunnels and the students drew/wrote in their writing journals!

Our small groups this week consisted of shape matching and identification using tangrams, using team work to put together new big puzzles, and identifying and matching beginning sounds. Talking about the sounds that different letters make is an easy activity to add to any routine. For example, toothbrush and toothpaste both start with the T sound. Practicing skills across environments helps children to generalize the skill to all settings.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on appropriate ways to ask friends to join play and ways for you to ask to join in play. The students had opportunities to practice this skill during large group settings and during choice time.


March 5 & 7 — Parent Teacher Conferences

March 11-15 — No School (Spring Break)

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