Weekly Update 2/11-2/15

This week we continued our discussion of simple machines by talking about who works with simple machines and how you can use them in your life. The students had the chance to walk around Kloefkorn to go on a simple machine scavenger hunt and discovered that there were simple machines around every corner! We also had a great time during our Spring Party! A big thank you to Jenn, Angie, and Mary for volunteering to facilitate an activity during this time, you rock!

During our small groups this week the students made oobleck (cornstarch and water), practiced their recall skills, and learned about rhyming words. You can practice rhyming words at home throughout routines! You can call attention to how the words sound similar and see if your child can think of a word that rhymes too. Encourage any type of word, even if it’s a silly made up word, to support their ability to recognize when a word rhymes.


Our social emotional curriculum reviewed fair ways to play in the classroom. We talked about how students can play together, trade, or share their toys! We utilize a problem solution kit in our classroom that provides children with multiple ways in which to solve their social problems such as: get a timer, trade, ask nicely etc. If this is something you would like to use at your house, let me know! I’m happy to get one to you.

Parent Teacher Conferences

You should have all received an e-mail from me last week about parent teacher conferences. Please let me know if you will be attending conferences so that I can best plan for our meeting.


February 18 — No School (Plan Day)

February 26 — No School (PLC)

March 5 & 7 — Parent Teacher Conferences

Weekly Update 2/4-2/8

This week we began discussing a variety of simple machines: screw, pulley, wedge, and wheel and axle. The students had the opportunity to explore various types of screws and try to match screw drivers to the screws, use a pulley to lift a small weight, use knives (wedge) to cut play-dough, and explore a skate. Mrs Bassett (morning teacher) came in and demonstrated how to use a complex machine (blender) to make banana smoothies. They were a hit!

In small groups this week we made play-dough, practiced our throwing and catching skills with balls and beanbags, and matched lids to different types of containers. Cooking with your child is a great opportunity to practice math and reading skills and practice following directions. Start with something simple, such as a trail mix, and then slowly make the recipes more complex with more steps!

Our social emotional curriculum talked about how to manage waiting. Sometimes it is hard for children to wait for their turn or for someones attention. One strategy we talked about was counting silently while you’re waiting.

Spring Party

We have enough volunteers for our Spring Party on the 14th, thank you!! Just a reminder that we will be passing out Valentine’s Day cards during this time and your child is welcome to bring one for each child (18 students), keeping in mind that we DO NOT allow candy/food items and prefer that no names are written on them. Your child is welcome to write their name so we know who they are from.


February 14 — Spring Party

February 18 — No School (Plan Day)

February 26 — No School (PLC)