Weekly Update 1/7-1/11

Welcome back! We’ve had a great first week of 2019 in preschool 🙂

We started our Simple Machines study and have begun to discuss the different types of simple machines and how they help us. This week we discussed what we already know about simple machines and what we would like to find out. If you’re unfamiliar with simple machines, I encourage you to do some research, you might be surprised about what kinds of simple machines you have in your home!

In small groups this week the students had an opportunity to make predictions about whether they thought items would sink or float, they got to “go fishing” for numbers, and practice their fine motor skills with pom-poms and tweezers. Making predictions is an easy way to practice math, literacy, and reasoning skills! Your child could predict the ending of a story, what a TV show will be about, how tall they are, how many peas are on their plate, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on reviewing friendship skills and we began our discussion about emotions. The students were able to practice identifying emotions and showing different emotions.


Jan 14-25 — Round 3 Home Visits

Jan 21 — No School (MLK Jr. Day)

Jan 29 — No School (PLC)


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