Weekly Update 1/23-1/25

This week we continued our discussion about simple machines and specifically talked about levers. We also added the word fulcrum to our vocabulary! We talked about how the fulcrum can be in different locations on a lever in order to support it’s function. The students were even able to use levers to make lemonade! It was a big hit 🙂

In small groups this week we practiced our cutting skills using levers (scissors), mixed paint to determine what colors it would make, and used levers (tongs) to pick up ping pong balls. During our Second Step lesson we learned what it meant to feel disappointed. We talked about how students might not always get a turn or get what they want and that might make them feel disappointed. Then we talked about how we could make our bodies feel better by taking a deep breath.

Spring Party 

Our Spring Party will be on February 14 at 1:30-2:00pm. We are looking for 2 volunteers to bring in a game or craft for our students to complete during this time. It could be Bingo, decorating felt shapes, a matching game, pin the bird on the tree (or other variations), etc. these games/crafts do not need to be elaborate, the kiddos will love whatever you bring. If you would be willing to volunteer for this event, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!

This will also be a time for students to pass out Valentine’s Day cards.

We have 17 students in the classroom. Just a reminder that we do not allow children to bring in any candy/food items and please do not write names on the cards. Your child is welcome to write his/her name so we know who they’re from.


January 29 — No School (PLC Day)

February 14 — Spring Party

Weekly Update 1/14-1/18

From The Office…

If you are not in need of transportation to or from school, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact transportation and let them know directly at 402-436-1148. The office staff will no longer be making these phone calls. Thank you.


We have continued our discussion of simple machines this week and have focused specifically on inclined planes. We have talked about how inclined planes help us move things. We did an experiment on the playground with a basket of blocks, a rope, and an inclined plane (slide) to see how we could get the basket to the top of the playground. Ask your child if they remember how we did it!

In small groups this week the preschoolers have had the opportunity to explore different types of simple machines and manipulate them, practice sorting by color, shape, and size, and they played a hide a seek game with simple machines. During this game, the teacher hid a simple machine and gave clues such as, “The simple machine is near the easel” or “The simple machine is under the table” so that the students could find it. This was a great way to practice spatial relationships and the vocabulary that went along with it.

Our Second Step curriculum focused on identifying and managing strong emotions. We talked about being frustrated at school or home and how we can make our bodies feel better. We practiced putting our hands on our tummies and taking a deep breath and we practiced how we could ask a teacher or friend for help.


January 21 — No School (MLK Jr. Day)

January 29 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 1/7-1/11

Welcome back! We’ve had a great first week of 2019 in preschool 🙂

We started our Simple Machines study and have begun to discuss the different types of simple machines and how they help us. This week we discussed what we already know about simple machines and what we would like to find out. If you’re unfamiliar with simple machines, I encourage you to do some research, you might be surprised about what kinds of simple machines you have in your home!

In small groups this week the students had an opportunity to make predictions about whether they thought items would sink or float, they got to “go fishing” for numbers, and practice their fine motor skills with pom-poms and tweezers. Making predictions is an easy way to practice math, literacy, and reasoning skills! Your child could predict the ending of a story, what a TV show will be about, how tall they are, how many peas are on their plate, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on reviewing friendship skills and we began our discussion about emotions. The students were able to practice identifying emotions and showing different emotions.


Jan 14-25 — Round 3 Home Visits

Jan 21 — No School (MLK Jr. Day)

Jan 29 — No School (PLC)