Weekly Update 12/17-12/20

This week we finished up our discussion of buildings. We recalled the visitors we had last week and talked about what the students would like to share with their families about buildings! Ask your child what they want to share with you. When we return from break, we will be starting our simple machines study.

During our small groups this week, the students practiced how to draw Mat Man’s head. Mat Man is a curriculum that focuses on the correct way to draw a body (eyes, ears, mouth, body, arms, hands, etc.). The students were given a model of how to draw all the parts of his head and then had an opportunity to do so themselves.

During our Second Step lessons, we reviewed the Touching Rule and the safety steps that we have to follow if someone ever breaks the touching rule.


Each year the psychology department collects donated books for the Early Childhood department in order for each child to receive a book. There will be one book in your child’s backpack that you can add to your book collection at home! If there is a library book in your child’s backpack, please double check to ensure that you are not keeping a Kloefkorn library book. Let me know if you have any questions.


Dec 20 – Jan 4 — No School (Winter Break) – Students return to school on January 7


Weekly Update 12/10-12/14

This week we focused on what happens inside buildings. The students got to predict what they thought happened inside buildings based on pictures and practiced using buildings signs as clues. We had two special visitors come to our classroom this week! Our new custodian, Mr Craig, visited and told us all about his house, what it was made of, and who lived inside. The preschoolers had lots of questions about his dog and the pond in his backyard. The other visitor was a retired construction worker who brought tools, wood, and special materials that he used on the job. The students were able to practice using a screw driver, a wrench, a chalk box, and tape measures.

During small groups this week the students got to walk a letter in different ways (walking, hopping, shuffling, etc.), play a memory game using their pictures and name cards, and make a crunchy snack by following a recipe. Letting kids cook with you is a great learning experience! They get exposure to math, reading, and reasoning skills all while making a delicious treat or meal.

Our social emotional curriculum continued to focus on our touching rule. We also practiced how to use our safety steps which are: 1. Say words that mean “no” 2. Get away and 3. Tell a grown-up


December 18 — No School (PLC)

December 21-Jan 4 — No School (Winter Break) – Students return to school on January 7th


Weekly Update 12/3-12/7

This week we continued to talk about what buildings are made of and what makes them strong. We also started our discussion of what is special about our building. We went on a walk to tally how many classrooms, restrooms, and offices were at Kloefkorn and we got to take a closer look at the heart in the library. After we examined the heart, the preschoolers were able to create their own to hang up in the classroom!

Our small groups this week included introducing water beads in the sensory table, making shapes with popsicle sticks, and working together to build a structure with blocks. This small group proved to be the most challenging for our students as it involved turn taking, waiting, and sharing. These are skills that can be practiced at home through games, talking, and play. For example, if you’re talking and your child has something they want to say you can remind them that it’s your turn to talk first then, then their turn. You can also reiterate that you know waiting is hard but it makes you feel happy (or any other positive emotion) when your child is able to wait for their turn.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on The Touching Rule (A bigger person should not touch your private body parts except to keep you clean and healthy). We said that private body parts were anything that was covered by a swimming suit and discussed why it would be ok for a doctor to touch private body parts but not a babysitter. We also talked about what to do if someone breaks The Touching Rule and referred to those as the Safety Steps which are: 1. Say words that mean “no” 2. Get away 3. Tell a grown-up.


December 18 — No School (PLC)

December 21-January 6 — No School (Winter Break)