Weekly Update 11/28-11/30

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing break and holiday. This week we started talking about what buildings are made of. The students had an opportunity to see shingles, dry wall, bricks, straw, and sticks and determine which building materials were sturdy and which would collapse. We were also able to go for a short walk to identify what types of materials the houses around our school are made of.

Our small groups this week focused on letter identification and matching, making trains with cubes, and using your body to make patterns. The students were able to decide what type of pattern they wanted to make, demonstrate it to their friends, and then do it with them. For example, one student might want to clap, stomp, clap, stomp. This would be a fun (and quick) activity to try at home with siblings or parents!

Our social emotional curriculum talked about accidents and caring and helping. We talked about what it means if there is an accident (spilling milk, bumping into a friend, knocking over a friends tower) and what an appropriate response would be (clean it up, make sure friend is okay, apologize and offer to help rebuild). We also discussed what it looks like to be a caring and helpful friend in the classroom and at home.


The office staff have asked that you contact them directly if your child will be absent for any reason. You are more than welcome to shoot me an e-mail as well, but I will no longer be forwarding those e-mails to the office.



Dec 18 — No School (PLC)

Dec 21 – Jan 6 — No School (Winter Break)


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