Weekly Update 10/29-11/2

This week we wrapped up our signs study and began our new buildings study. The students talked about what they would like to share with their families about what they learned during our signs study, what did they tell you? There was an attached note to my e-mail that describes our building study and how you can help us by bringing in pictures of various types of buildings or houses. Additionally, if you or someone you know works with buildings in any capacity (construction, architect, planner, window maker, etc.) and would like to make a visit to preschool, let me know!

During small groups this week we practiced tallying, graphing, and predicting how many items were in a container. We practiced how to formulate our own questions to survey the class (favorite type of weather, favorite color) in order to practice documenting (tallying/graphing) and comparing the results. You can practice this by taking informal polls during meal times, car rides, walks, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on feelings and how to identify when people are feeling a certain way. We talked about how we can look at their face, eyes, and body language to determine how a person might be feeling. This week we introduced Super Friend capes! Each child had an opportunity to decorate a cape and can wear it throughout the day if they are being a Super Friend (kind words and actions). If they choose not to be a Super Friend, a teacher will take their cape until they can demonstrate their ability to be kind to friends. Children always have an opportunity to earn their cape back and it typically only takes around 2-3 minutes.

Home Visits

Our 2nd quarter home visits will be occurring November 5-16. We will be making family signs during this time as well as discussing our GOLD assessment results for the first checkpoint. I will be bringing a few supplies to make signs and you can add pictures, words, decorations, etc. in order to complete your sign that will be hanging in our classroom.


November 21-26 — No School (Break)

November 27 — No School (PLC)

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